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We are innFLEX Consulting, a unique Salesforce consulting and implementation partner because we focus exclusively on Salesforce and exclusively on the hospitality industry.

We help hospitality companies utilize Salesforce technology more effectively, to save time and money, and to SERVE THEIR GUESTS BETTER.

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Spotlight: Salesforce?  For hotels? 

You may wonder how Salesforce technology fits into the hospitality world.  Having spent years using our Salesforce Consulting experience to implement Salesforce for some of the largest hotel brands in the world, from our perspective, the easier question to answer is where it doesn't fit into the hospitality industry - because Salesforce fits more places than it doesn't.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of hospitality technology, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing newer, cutting edge capabilities. Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, has lately emerged as a game-changer for hotels and hospitality companies, offering robust solutions to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and drive growth.  In short, Salesforce capabilities can provide value in almost every aspect of your hospitality business.

See below for additional ways innFLEX Consulting can help you use Salesforce to revolutionize the way your hotel operates.

innFORCE Consulting - Red Metal Architecture

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innFORCE Consulting - Curved Building Edge

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innFORCE Consulting - White Archway

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innFORCE Consulting - Curved Architectural Structure

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innFORCE Consulting - Twisted Red Tile Roof

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innFORCE Consulting - Abstract Glass Building

Harnessing AI & Analytics

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