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Case Study: Hotel Sales

We recently completed a new Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation for the distributed Sales organization of a hospitality company.

The opportunity: provide an integrated sales solution for the sales team to allow collaboration between the internal corporate sales team and the external hotel sales teams.

The solution: we implemented Sales Cloud for the internal sales team, using several standard Salesforce objects (primarily Account and Opportunity), and used Experience Cloud for the distributed sales teams of the franchised hotels.

The value delivered: with both the internal Sales Cloud UI for the central sales team and the external Experience Cloud UI for the distributed hotel sales teams being built on the same core Salesforce platform, we enabled real-time communication between the entire sales organization, providing full Sales Cloud functionality to the internal resources, but focusing the functionality for the external users specifically on their respective sales opportunities.

The solution allows everyone across the sales organization to be aware of newly received sales opportunities, collaborate on the details of the respective opportunities, and take necessary steps to close those sales opportunities as quickly as possible, streamlining the end-to-end process and tracking the status and actions taken by any sales team member along the way.

CONTACT US for more details, or to discuss how we can implement something similar for your sales organization!


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